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Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Workshop - NSRP – Shipbuilding …

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Workshop Summary of Goals 14 Reduce ship construction cost and improve shipyard HS&E by expanding the use of zinc rich epoxy primers. Specific recommendations: 1. Short Term Action: – NAVSEA to allow zinc rich epoxy primers with extended overcoat windows on …

Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Anti Corrosion Epoxy Primer

Product OSVX408 Epoxy Organic Zinc Rich Primer is a two component epoxy primer which provides both barrier and sacrificial protection against steel corrosion. Product OSVX408 promotes adhesion, dries rapidly, and can be either shop or field applied.

What is a Zinc Rich Primer? - Definition from Corrosionpedia

A zinc rich primer is a chemical substance that contains high concentrations of the silver-white metal zinc. Zinc rich primers are used by many industries as a preparatory coating to protect iron or steel substrates against corrosion.[PDF]


Abstract: Various types of zinc-rich coatings are available for corrosion protection. The challenges associated with the proper specification and application of zinc-rich coatings are briefly discussed. The paper then focuses on data from various studies, which quantify the corrosion protection benefits of various types of zinc-rich coatings.

Epoxy Zinc Phosphate - Corrosionpedia

Epoxy zinc phosphate is used to produce epoxy primers and sealers that have a non-porous finish. They are primarily recommended as the first base coat over bare steel. These base coats or epoxy primers are also used over fiberglass, plastic or a black iron phosphate coating. An epoxy zinc phosphate primer can also be used on cracks and dents.

ZINC CLAD 3100 - Protective & Marine - Sherwin-Williams

ZINC CLAD 3100 is a two-package, waterborne, inorganic zinc pre-construction primer designed to provide excellent welding and weathering properties. Recommended Usage Shipbuilding

High Performance - Rust-O-Zinc Organic Zinc Primer

Rust-O-Zinc Organic Zinc Rich Primer is a three component, polyamide converted epoxy rich coating designed to provide cathodic protection to abrasive blasted steel through the sacrificial action of pure metallic zinc. It provides maximum corrosion protection from severe industrial or marine exposures.

Zinc Rich - Protective Coatings, Protective & Marine Coating

Zinc Rich Zinc-rich primers that protect your structure from corrosion. Products include inorganic zinc primers, zinc-rich epoxy primers and moisture cure urethane zinc primers. Download a map of VOC Regulated Locations (PDF) Download a list of VOC Restrictions for Coatings by Regulated Area (PDF)[PDF]

Universal Primer and Surface Preparation Process - …

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Cost Reduction Initiative 4 Proposal: “Zinc rich epoxy primer with extended overcoat window may be applied, unless otherwise specifically prohibited, as the first coat of epoxy primer in lieu of other epoxy primers” Zinc Rich Primer Eliminates Abrading Requirement Abrade Blast Prime Recoat Clean Affordability Factors:

Epoxy Zinc-Rich | Protective - Coatings - AkzoNobel

A two component, zinc-rich epoxy primer, Interzinc 388 is designed to give maximum protection as part of an anticorrosive coating system for aggressive environments. Containing more that 75% zinc, Interzinc 388 conforms to HG/T3668 and is ideal for both maintenance and new construction situations.

Zinc Rich Primers - Organic & Inorganic Zinc Rich Primers ...

The zinc salts, which invariably form, fill the pores of the primer sealing off the steel substrate from moisture. They also are very flexible when applicating, as top coats don't need to be applied immediately after the primer. We provide both organic and inorganic zinc rich primers. Inorganic primers are typically only spray-applied.

Zinc-rich primer | US Coatings

Zinc primers. Zinc-rich primers offer excellent adhesion properties, as well as galvanic protection for structural steel surfaces. When in contact with structural steel, zinc primers corrode preferentially to the steel, protecting it from damage.[PDF]

Zinc Rich Coatings In Immersion Service, where to use …

• Zinc, under most conditions, is more active than carbon steel and will actively keep carbon steel protected from corrosion provided: 1. There is intimate contact between the zinc and carbon steel. 2. Free zinc available to sacrifice itself. • Zinc is somewhat self healing and will bridge small gaps of …

Inorganic vs. Organic Zinc Rich Primers: What's the ...

Inorganic zinc-rich coatings generally consist of a silicate binder whereas organic zinc-rich coatings can use a wide array of binders including epoxy, polyurethane, and alkyd, etc. Because of the differences in the binders, the performance of inorganic zinc-rich primers versus organic zinc-rich primers varies.[PDF]

Ship Painting: Current Practice and Systems in Europe

current shipbuilding practices, including the role of shop primers and methods of painting a ship dur- ... such as two-component epoxy resins and partially hydrolysed ethyl silicates. Reinforced wash primers ... develop a zinc-rich shop primer with good automatic welding properties or to develop a suitable

Zinc Primer - EPOXY Info Page

Zinc Primer Info Page . Zinc rich primers are used to protect steel surfaces from corrosion. Unlike regular paints or epoxies which resist corrosion by forming an impermeable barrier between the metal and atmospheric moisture, zinc rich primers provide corrosion protection by electrical means.[PDF]

Zinc primer range - Sigma Paints

SigmaZinc 100 Zinc epoxy primer l Fast drying, can be overcoated after a short interval l Good corrosion properties l LT version is available for temperatures lower than 5°C/41ºF l Tested in systems meeting ISO 12944 SigmaZinc 19 One component zinc rich phenoxy primer

Ask the Expert: Zinc-Rich Primer vs. Conventional Primers

Zinc-Rich Primer vs. Conventional Primers. Q. We have been asked to refurbish some trailers, baggage carts, and other miscellaneous ground support equipment used at airports, using an inorganic zinc-rich primer. We have never used such as primer and would like your comments please. A.[PDF]

Silicate- or epoxy zinc primers – The superior protection

Silicate- or epoxy zinc primers – The superior protection ... The application of zinc-rich primers on ferrous substrates is a very efficient method of anticorrosion protection. It is a known fact that to achieve a long life coating system ... Silicate- or epoxy zinc primers –

Tnemec's Zinc-Rich Primer For Water Tanks Now Available …

According to industry research, organic zinc-rich primers typically extend the service life of two-component epoxy and epoxy/aliphatic urethane systems by 40 to 50 percent. Series 94-H 2 O, greenish-gray in color, can be spray-, roller- or brush-applied to steel plate surfaces in water tank fabrication shops.[PDF]


Prior to the early seventies, a vinyl butylral wash primer met most of the primer design requirements.As the state of the art progressed, epoxy zinc rich, straight epoxy and then alkyl silicate primers with zinc dust and welding enhancement pigments were developed.The alkyl silicate primers with zinc dust

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